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Myersville rollover accident kills one, injures two others

While those who choose to ride as passengers in vehicles in Annapolis may not realize it, they may be inadvertently placing a great deal of trust in said vehicles’ drivers. Often, that trust may be considered to be rarely misplaced given that passengers typically know those who are driving them. However, they may not fully appreciate how much their drivers’ actions can end up effecting them. If such actions result in car accidents, then those same passengers might be left in the unenviable position of seeking compensation from those same acquaintances they were so willing to trust. While no one may want to have to make such a choice, circumstances may often mandate it. 

It is yet to be seen if such action will be among the outcomes of a recent accident in Myersville. While three cars ended up being involved in the collision, only the occupants of one were reported to be injured. That vehicle reportedly rolled onto its side across two lanes of traffic after leaving the road and striking a guardrail. The two other oncoming vehicles were then unable to avoid colliding with it. The Pikesville man driving the vehicle that initiated the accident was killed in the collision, while his two passengers were injured. 

Authorities believe that alcohol was a factor in the accident. Even in a case such as this (were an allegedly reckless driver was killed in a collision), accident victims may still be able to seek compensation due to his or her negligent actions. In such a scenario, compensation would then come from the driver’s estate. Those needing assistance in initiating such action may want to first seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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