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One dead in three-vehicle crash on freeway

Most people in Maryland have at some time or another passed by a recent accident on the freeway or another road. Fortunately, many cases like this seem to involve only damage to vehicles and no immediate or evident harm to the people in them. However, this does not mean that great care is not still important when dealing with these crashes.

As reported by CBS Baltimore, two vehicles had collided on a stretch of Interstate 97 and the drivers had gotten out of their respective vehicles. This was likely done so that each could examine the damage, take photos and exchange their information as would be a normal course of events after an accident. During this process, a third vehicle is said to have hit both already crashed vehicles and both drivers.

One of the men involved in the original wreck died at the scene of the wreckage. Three other adults and one infant were taken to hospitals for treatment. Two of the adults were in one of the vehicles involved in the initial crash and the other was the driver of the third vehicle.

The accident took place in the early morning hours when it would have been dark. Impairment of any type is not suspected on the part of any driver yet no other details are known about what may have contributed to the first or the second crash. Also unknown is whether or not the drivers who stepped out of their vehicles had any reflective gear or clothing on or if flares were put on the roadway.



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