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Nursing facility being sued by parents of 6 children

When families in Maryland entrust professionals with the medical care and treatment of vulnerable individuals, they anticipate that their loved ones will be cared for with compassion. Often, they spend considerable time researching their options to find a facility that is capable of providing the type of committed care they want their loved one to have. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where medical professionals fail to live up to those expectations and neglectful or reckless behaviors begins to affect the patients of their establishment. In a recent and extreme case that has made national headlines, a nursing and rehabilitation center is being sued by the parents of six deceased children following a viral outbreak where 11 children died and multiple others were sickened. Investigations revealed that the facility was previously cited for lackluster efforts to maintain adequate controls to reduce the spread of infection. They also received citations for poor handwashing. 

Parents of some of the deceased children expressed outrage that they were unaware of the outbreak until they received news that their children were dying. They maintain that the facility was ignorant in making sure the sickened children were taken to a hospital where they could begin receiving immediate medical attention. Many legal professionals see the impending court battle to be lengthy and emotional as the facility works to maintain its position for acting as it did. 

If people have been injured because of medical malpractice, they may wish to rely on the expertise of an attorney to protect their best interests. Doing so may enable them to get some of the compensation they rightfully deserve to offset the consequences of their situation. 

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