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6 dead in Maryland car crash

Seven people were riding in a minivan near Pointer Ridge Drive on Maryland’s Route 301 in early February. Two were adults and five were children ages 5 to 15. Six of the people in the car were family members to one another. Due to an accident that caused the vehicle to go off the road into the woods and spin out in a snow-covered field, six of the occupants are now dead. Only the driver is still alive, and she sustained critical injuries in the crash that led to her initial hospitalization, although her current condition is unknown. 

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, and many details remain unclear. The five children in the vehicle were either cousins or siblings to one another, and the driver of the vehicle was the mother of two of the children. The other adult in the minivan was a 23-year-old man; it is unknown what relationship he had with the other occupants. It is not known where the vehicle was coming from, but authorities claim that the group was heading home. 

The crash occurred early on a Saturday morning. The force of the impact ejected all five of the children from the vehicle, who were allegedly restrained improperly and died shortly after the violent crash. Both the driver and her adult passenger sustained critical injuries, and responders transported both to the hospital where the adult passenger succumbed approximately two weeks later. 

As investigators continue to examine all possibilities, authorities report filing no charges as of yet. Those injured in car accidents may find it helpful to seek the services of an attorney. 

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