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What are the signs of a bad nursing home?

If you currently have a loved one in a nursing home in Maryland, it’s natural to be concerned about the quality of care the person is receiving. While many facilities strive to put their residents first, others may exhibit signs of nursing home neglect or even abuse. Next Avenue warns families to look for the following red flags so they can act quickly to protect elderly relatives.

Poor nutrition

Meal preparation is crucial for seniors. Meals must be nutritionally dense to promote health and wellness, and some residents may even have special dietary needs due to health issues. A lack of nutrition can cause health problems, weight loss, dehydration, and many other ill effects. If you have concerns, consult with management about how often your loved one is being fed and what the menu consists of.

Problems with grooming and hygiene

Many elderly people have problems with personal grooming due to their lack of mobility. In a nursing home, it’s up to staff to assist in these areas, which ensures residents are healthy and comfortable. If you notice grooming issues, which can involve poor dental care, unbrushed hair, or wearing the same clothing on a regular basis, this signals that staff is not performing their duties as expected.


When a person has mobility issues, injuries can also occur. However, in a nursing home setting staff are there to help residnts get around safely. When a person exhibits a lot of unexplained bumps and bruises or even worse broken bones, it’s worth looking into. Bouncing back from these injuries is tough for seniors, especially those already suffering from health issues. 

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