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Maryland crash results in deaths of 1 adult, 3 children

Four people have died and three more received injuries as a result of a collision between a car and a pickup truck that occurred in Cecil County, Maryland, last Thursday evening. Those who lost their lives were all occupants of the car, the driver of which lost control for reasons that are not entirely clear. A four-year-old boy and 34-year-old man died at the scene, while a nine-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl succumbed to their injuries following transportation to a hospital.

Three helicopters responded to the scene and served to transport three critically injured occupants to the hospital. One of these was the 53-year-old female driver of the car, another was a 13-year-old boy and the third was the nine-year-old boy who later died at the facility. Current information about the condition of those injured is not available. The 24-year-old male driver of the pickup also required transportation to the hospital, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The force of the impact ejected one of the occupants from the car, but authorities have not specified who it was. It is unclear whether the vehicle occupants were wearing seatbelts, but it is known that the nine-year-old boy who died at the hospital and the 13-year-old old boy who flew via helicopter to a Delaware hospital were in the back seat, while the adult who died at the scene was a passenger in the front.

In addition to the helicopters, law enforcement from both Maryland and Delaware, three fire departments and Cecil County paramedics responded to the scene, where authorities remained for 5 1/2 hours thereafter.

Rarely, if ever, do drivers intend to cause a collision, but that does not minimize the damage that can result. Those injured in a motor vehicle accident may find it beneficial to talk to an attorney.

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