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Pedestrian safety tips

With summer just around the corner, more people in Maryland are apt to be out and about on foot. This can be a nice perk to the warmer weather but it can also increase a person’s risk of being hit as a pedestrian by a car, truck or other vehicle. The fact of the matter is that anyone can be a pedestrian at some time, even if that is walking from a parked vehicle across a lot to get into the grocery store to do some shopping.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records show that in 2017, nearly 6,000 people were killed on foot across the United States. That averages out to one pedestrian death every 88 minutes. Taking safety seriously is something everyone should do when they are out of their vehicles and in the vicinity of motor vehicles.

When in or near parking lots, pedestrians should pay special attention to the rear lights of vehicles to notice when reverse lights appear. This may signal that a vehicle is about to back up, giving a pedestrian a heads up that they should not be behind that vehicle. Watching all driveways for entrances or exits by vehicles is also recommended.

The AAA Exchange encourages people to dress with visibility in mind. This might include wearing some type of reflective gear or at least avoiding being donned in all black or dark colors, especially at night. Pedestrians can improve their safety by ensuring they are aware and able to hear traffic approaching which requires they are not plugged into a phone constantly.




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