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Collision in Bel Alton kills two, injures two more

It is impossible to account for the negligence of others when preparing to accomplish one’s daily routine in Annapolis. All at once, an incident such as a car collision can take one from leading a productive life to facing serious injuries (or worse), extensive rehabilitation and astronomical expenses. When that collision is due to the apparently reckless actions of another, one may be justified in seeking compensation. 

While authorities have not yet officially determined if negligence was indeed a factor, many may surmise that it was at least present in car accident that recently occurred in Bel Alton. A car carrying three people from struck from behind by an SUV on Crain Highway. The speed of the approaching SUV was apparently enough to severely damage the car and kill two of its occupants (one of them being a 15-year-old boy). The driver of the car was also taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the SUV also required hospitalization. Whether or not he may face any criminal charges stemming from the accident has not yet been reported. 

Just as is the case with others’ negligence, one also cannot anticipate when they (or their families) could be facing mounting expenses due to a car accident. Insurance coverage may be available to cover a portion of those costs, yet it may not be enough to handle all of the expense. In such a situation, one may be forced to seek compensation from the driver that caused their accident. The chances of earning such compensation may be significantly increased if one has the experience and expertise of an attorney to rely on. 

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