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Silence in exchange for $6M malpractice settlement

People in Maryland who are interested in finding ways to protect themselves against medical errors may often find it useful and interesting to track the outcomes of medical malpractice claims or lawsuits. In some situations, plaintiffs end up signing away their right to disclose many or even any details in exchange for the receipt of a financial settlement. The silence, however, can speak volumes at times. It may be assumed that defendants would rather pay out money than have information disclosed.

Many of Neil Armstrong’s surviving family members have opted for money instead of disclosure in a legal case asserting malpractice against the Mercy Health system in relation to the astronaut’s death in the summer of 2012. The man’s children, siblings and grandchildren have all been awarded money for his death that they say was due to inappropriate care or actions on the part of medical staff at a hospital in Ohio.

After undergoing a bypass operation, the man’s blood pressure dropped due to internal bleeding. The hospital staff did not take him back into surgery but instead into a catheterization lab. The family asserts that this choice ultimately led to the death of their loved one. The man was 82 years old at the time.

The widow of the deceased astronaut was not part of the lawsuit and has been public about her lack of participation in it. The man’s six grandchildren will receive $24,000 each and his two siblings will each be paid $250,000. The man’s two sons will receive $2.4 million each.



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