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Intersections a common site for motor vehicle accidents

There are thousands of intersections in Maryland. It is no secret that these locations are high risk for motor vehicle accidents. Especially if multiple vehicles approach an intersection simultaneously, disaster can occur if any one of the drivers is not paying attention or is acting in a reckless manner. 

Investigators are trying to determine what or who may have been the cause of a recent intersection collision in Berlin. Sadly, a person died in the crash that took place between two vehicles. One vehicle carried a 73-year-old man behind the wheel, and the the other was a tow truck operated by a 58-year-old man.

The older man’s vehicle was midway across the intersection when the collision occurred. The truck was traveling southbound through crossroad at the time. The truck driver escaped the incident unscathed and refused medical treatment. The older man did not survive his injuries.

When motor vehicle accidents occur at Maryland intersections or anywhere, it often takes weeks, even months for investigators to examine evidence to determine what occurred in the moments before a particular collision. When there is evidence that a driver was negligent at the wheel, it is not uncommon for an immediate family member of a deceased victim to file a wrongful death claim against that individual in civil court. In such cases, a plaintiff must prove to a judge or jury that the defendant’s negligence was the proximate cause of the death that resulted. Successful litigation often results in plaintiffs obtaining financial recovery for documented losses.

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