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Are property owners at fault for slip and fall accidents?

Fake falls insert some comedic relief in movies and TV shows, but they are a far cry from reality. In real life, slip-and-fall victims cannot quickly hop back up on their feet. Victims often suffer serious injuries that leave them suffering for months or even longer. If another person’s negligence caused a particular victim’s fall then it can be helpful to pursue compensation, but demonstrating fault can be tricky.

In general, property owners in Maryland must make sure that their properties are reasonably safe and free from any dangerous conditions that could cause a slip-and-fall accident. A victim who fell because of dangerous conditions and is seeking compensation could argue that the property owner should have reasonably known about the issue prior to the incident. A property owner can also be at fault for a victim’s fall if he or she knew about the condition but did not take action to fix it, or caused the accident him or herself.

But a property owner is not automatically at fault because dangerous conditions caused someone to fall. The key thing to consider is whether an owner’s actions were reasonable. For example, if a pipe was leaking for several months and someone slipped and fell on a puddle, the owner should have reasonably known of the danger and taken action to address it. However, if that same pipe started leaking only the night before and the owner could not fix the problem because of poor weather conditions, he or she might not be at fault.

Recovering from a serious injury can be a long and painful process. Medical bills can pile up quickly, especially for Maryland victims who are unable to work. Physical and emotional pain and suffering can amplify these and other problems, making it difficult to really care for one’s self. Getting compensation is often essential for slip-and-fall victims, and as such so is determining fault. Speaking with an experienced attorney may be helpful for getting started on this process.

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