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Driver running red light blamed for fatal car accident

There are times when a car crash may leave behind more questions than answers. In other instances, the causes are much more clear-cut, but there are often unsettled matters anyway, especially if the car accident proved fatal. Police say that a recent crash here in Maryland was caused by a driver running a red light and that his actions caused the death of a 60-year-old woman.

According to authorities, the crash happened on a recent morning. A woman driving a sedan heading east on a local road apparently made a legal left turn onto a northbound road. Police say that as she did so, an SUV driving south allegedly ran a red light and struck her vehicle. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, despite the efforts of first responders.

Police say that that they think the SUV driver running the red light is the main cause. That driver was injured but his injuries are not considered life-threatening. There is no word on whether police intend to file any criminal charges in connection with the crash. Authorities do not believe that drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash, but they are still conducting their investigation. They plan to review the results of the autopsy of the woman who died.

The family of the woman may have other means of holding the SUV driver responsible, no matter if he is charged with any crime or not. A wrongful death lawsuit may result in monetary damages that could help the grieving family cover unexpected expenses related to the car accident. Those here in Maryland who find themselves in a similar situation could also choose to take this type of action. An attorney who has experience handling this type of civil claim can offer guidance to those who have questions.

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