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Medical errors make going to the doctor complicated

When feeling sick or injured, the first instinct of many people is to contact their doctor. But just how safe is it to go to the doctor or hospital when in need of medical care? Sadly, the answer may not be entirely clear. Medical errors can occur at any point during a patient’s health care treatment, from initially seeking a diagnosis to receiving medication.

Securing the right diagnosis is the first step to getting necessary treatment for an illness or injury. When a doctor in Maryland misdiagnoses a patient, that patient may end up receiving incorrect care that makes the original condition worse. At the very least, a misdiagnosis delays getting the care needed. Some doctors even insist that there is nothing wrong when a patient presents with troubling symptoms. This is especially problematic for women, who are often told that their symptoms are psychological rather than physical.

If someone seeks prompt medical care and gets the correct diagnosis, he or she might reasonably expect to receive the right medication. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which a doctor or other medical professional can cause harm with prescription medications. For example, a health care provider may:

  • Prescribe the wrong medication
  • Administer an incorrect dosage
  • Ignore drug allergies or interactions with other medications

The ability to live fully often relies on one’s physical health and well-being. Medical errors like misdiagnoses and medication errors compromise all of this, and it is not uncommon for victims to develop new health problems, miss work and struggle with medical bills. Successfully pursued medical malpractice suits can be key to recovery for some victims in Maryland.

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