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Questions after fatal motor vehicle accident on interstate

There are times when a car crash has a very clear-cut cause, but more often than not, it is up to law enforcement to determine what exactly happened. When a motor vehicle accident proves fatal, that can make the work of police all the more crucial. A recent crash that took the life of one person may require an extensive investigation by Maryland police who will no doubt work diligently to determine the facts of the incident.

What police do know, according to their own reporting, is that a woman was driving on the interstate in her sedan on a recent afternoon. Investigators say that she was driving erratically when she came upon a car that had been pulled over to the side of the roadway. A man was reportedly outside the vehicle for an unknown reason, and officers say the woman hit him with her car when she drove onto the shoulder of the road. Her sedan allegedly crossed back onto the interstate and hit another vehicle.

Police say that the man died as a result of his injuries, though it is unclear whether he passed away at the scene of the crash or was first taken to a hospital. Officials also report that the driver of the sedan had to be taken to a nearby trauma center for treatment. The driver of the other vehicle that was hit was uninjured. Police have not filed any criminal charges in connection with this incident, though they may decide to do so once they believe they have all the necessary facts.

Even if police choose not to file any criminal charges, the family of the man who died may decide to pursue other legal means of holding the sedan driver responsible. They could file a wrongful death claim that may result in monetary compensation that would help them cover expenses related to the motor vehicle accident. For families here in Maryland in a similar situation, an attorney with experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death claims can answer questions and serve as a valuable resource.

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