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Influx of car accidents in one neighborhood concerns residents

Many cities here in Maryland have neighborhoods that local residents know to have an increased incidence of traffic collisions. One such neighborhood in Baltimore has people concerned due to the frequency and amount of car accidents that happen there. Though city leaders have apparently been made aware of the situation, residents say that not enough has been done to stop these sometimes-deadly collisions from happening.

Local media says it started investigating reports of a high number of crashes at one Baltimore intersection about two months ago. Some who live in the area say that a recent span of three weeks saw three accidents. Investigation by a local news station revealed that 911 was called 73 times for more than 30 collisions in that area over the past two years. Less than a year ago, two elementary-school-aged children survived being hit by a vehicle that ran off the road in that area.

Despite the attention from the press, residents say that no measures have been taken to reduce the number of collisions. Even the city’s Department of Transportation acknowledges the problem, noting that the intersection appears to have the highest number of car crashes in the city. The DOT started a study since the public outcry, saying it would use the information to determine the best way to proceed, but results may not be ready for a few more weeks.

Injured victims and those who have lost loved ones cannot always wait on the government. It may be necessary to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit as a means of holding responsible parties accountable for car accidents. Under the guidance of an experienced attorney here in Maryland, it may be possible for those affected by this kind of tragedy to obtain justice.

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