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Causes of fatal car accident involving 6 vehicles unknown

A fatal car crash is always a tragic event. When its causes are unknown, it can often add to the trauma that a victim’s family experiences. A recent car accident here in Maryland is still under investigation, as police work to figure out what caused the crash that involved six vehicles and took a person’s life. It is often crucial to the family’s healing process to learn what happened, which is what local law enforcement are undoubtedly working toward.

According to authorities, the crash happened on a recent weekday afternoon on a state route. A pickup truck was driving north and allegedly drove over the center line for unknown reasons. It hit a dump truck going in the opposite direction, which caused it to veer into other north-bound traffic and run into a second pickup truck. The first pickup allegedly struck another oncoming vehicle, killing the driver.

The accident reportedly caused two other vehicles to crash, meaning six vehicles total were involved in this incident. In addition to the driver who lost his life, a passenger in that same vehicle had to be rushed to a nearby hospital where she remains in critical condition. The dump truck driver also suffered injuries that were not serious. Police had to close the roadway for several hours to investigate, though they say that they are still working on the case to determine exactly what occurred.

If the driver of the first pickup truck is determined to be at fault, criminal charges could be pending, though that may not be all. With this type of car accident, victims or their families may decide to file a civil claim for personal injury or wrongful death. A Maryland attorney may be the best resource during such a difficult event, as a family grieves the devastating loss and works to hold those responsible accountable.

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