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Speed, DUI may have caused fatal motor vehicle accident

Most people know precisely why they should practice safe driving habits. The problem is that they still often fail to do so. Someone who excessively speeds, consumes alcohol before driving or uses a smartphone behind the wheel may be putting others at risk. This may be what happened in a recent fatal motor vehicle accident here in Maryland after a driver who may have been intoxicated rear-ended another car.

Police searching for answers

Authorities say that the crash happened on a late weekday evening, just before midnight. A luxury vehicle driving southbound on a state route allegedly ran into the back of a Jeep traveling in the same direction. Officials report that this caused the Jeep to roll over and hit a guardrail. The driver of the luxury vehicle allegedly fled his vehicle but was taken into custody not long afterwards. The driver of the Jeep, a 37-year-old man, died at the scene of the crash, despite the efforts of first responders.

Police say that the speed of the luxury vehicle as well as the consumption of alcohol contributed to the causes of the crash. The driver of the luxury vehicle, a Mercedes E400, was subsequently charged by police, though the formal accusations were not reported. The investigation is said to be continuing. The 37-year-old accused man is from Glen Burnie.

No excuses for unsafe driving

Even if police decide not to file any criminal charges against the luxury vehicle driver, the family of the deceased victim may have other avenues for restitution. They could choose to file a wrongful death claim against any parties deemed responsible for this motor vehicle accident. A personal injury attorney here in Maryland may serve as a valuable guide to anyone hoping to pursue justice in the death of a loved one due to another’s negligence.

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