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When a passenger is hurt in a single-vehicle car accident…

The last thing anyone expects when they hop in a car with a family member or friend behind the wheel is to get in a single-vehicle collision. Unfortunately, it happens all too. When a passenger suffers injuries in a Maryland car accident, what recourse do they have?

A recent event

Recently, one person died, and another was hurt in a single-vehicle car crash in the Annapolis area. This event reportedly occurred on Tuesday, March 9. Sadly, the driver — a 42-year-old woman — died of her injuries after being transported to an area hospital for treatment. A front-seat passenger in the car was also hurt and taken to a medical center for care. Her current condition is unknown.

According to reports, the driver was operating her vehicle southbound on Crain Highway at approximately 10 p.m. For reasons unknown, she drove off the side of the road, and the car overturned. Police are still in the process of investigating this incident. As of the latest report, they were unsure what caused the driver to leave the roadway.

Recourse for the passenger

In this particular car accident, the surviving victim may feel she has little recourse and may believe she has to bear the burden of her losses on her own. That simply is not true. According to Maryland laws, she may be able to seek relief by filing a claim with the drivers insurance provider. If fair and full compensation is not offered by the insurance company, the victim may turn to legal counsel for assistance negotiating a settlement out-of-court or litigating the matter against the decedent’s estate – when appropriate.

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