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Maryland survey shows extent of unsafe driving problem

Most Maryland residents know that driving distracted, impaired or in an unsafe manner is a significant risk. Despite this knowledge, many admit to taking part in one or more of these behaviors, according to a recent survey of drivers in the state. This survey data, combined with data on the number of car accidents and fatalities in Maryland, show the extent of the unsafe driving issues in Maryland.

The survey revealed the following information:

  • Most Maryland drivers say unsafe driving is a problem: In the survey, 93% of people agreed with this statement.
  • Despite risks of distracted driving, a large proportion of drivers admit to it: Nearly half of respondents said they had partaken in distracted driving in the survey. Authorities are particularly concerned with this trend, as over one-third of motor vehicle fatalities in the state were reportedly connected to distracted driving.
  • Speeding is another common risk taken by Maryland drivers: 75% of survey respondents admit to driving 10 mph or more above the speed limit in a residential area in the past month. Even more concerning, 41% admitted they drove 15 mph or above on the highway with some regularity.

In light of the survey’s findings, authorities have issued a reminder of the unsafe driving practices that most commonly lead to fatalities on Maryland roads. These risk factors include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding or aggressive driving and distracted driving. In addition, there are concerns about Maryland residents not taking safety measures like wearing a seatbelt or crossing at designated crosswalks. Individuals who are harmed in a motor vehicle accident could benefit from speaking with an accident and injury lawyer to seek damages to which they may be entitled.

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