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Hazardous materials spilled after Maryland collision

On a recent Wednesday, a disaster occurred on a Maryland roadway. Rescuers and cleanup crews had their work cut out for them as they assisted accident victims in Prince George’s County. Multiple vehicles were involved in a collision, causing 50 gallons of diesel fuel to pour onto the road. 

Rescuers transported at least two people to a hospital for emergency care after extricating them from their vehicles. Both victims were listed in serious condition. Crews worked to clear the area of hazardous materials, and by early evening, roadways were reopened.  

Serious injuries often require long-term care 

Being in serious condition following a motor vehicle accident means that a person’s life may be at risk. Such injuries often include brain trauma or spinal cord damage, as well as severe injuries to various internal organs. An accident victim may need surgery or in-home care during recovery. Some injuries may cause life-altering conditions, such as paralysis or brain damage, making it impossible for a recovering victim to return to work or enjoy the same quality of life as before the accident. 

When another driver’s negligence is determined to have caused a collision that resulted in serious injuries, a recovering victim is able to seek compensation for damages by filing a personal injury claim in civil court. In such cases, the court requires plaintiffs to show that the defendant was negligent and that this negligence was the proximate cause of the damages that occurred. An experienced injury law attorney can provide valuable support throughout the litigation process, which not only makes proceedings less stressful but also increases the chances of obtaining a favorable result.  

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