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3 alcohol-driven behaviors that often cause a collision

Throughout the year, but especially during summer and on holiday weekends, there are a lot of drunk drivers on Maryland roadways. A motorist who is alert and cautious while driving is still at great risk for injury if a nearby driver has recently consumed alcohol. Intoxicated drivers often exhibit certain behaviors just before causing a collision.

Learning how to spot a possible drunk driver on the road might increase the chances of being able to avert a crash. Sometimes, however, even if one driver notices that another motorist is driving erratically, there might not be enough time to avoid a collision. In such cases, it is important to know what to do if an accident occurs.

Be careful of drivers with these behaviors

Reportedly, three behaviors are common among motorists who consume alcohol before driving:

  • Using the wrong turn signal
  • Veering into an adjacent traffic lane
  • Tailgating

Studies show that cognitive skills become impaired even before a person’s blood alcohol content level reaches .08, which is the legal limit that prohibits someone from driving. Impaired cognition affects depth perception. Skewed depth perception makes it difficult to maintain proper lane position or distance between vehicles.

Recovering from a drunk driving accident

Sadly, many drunk driving accidents in Maryland result in fatalities. If a person survives, his or her injuries may be severe. Much-needed support may include a medical team that is experienced in handling catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma or spinal cord damage. A personal injury attorney is also a great asset, especially if a recovering victim is considering filing a legal claim against the driver who was responsible for the collision.

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