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How should you handle an aggressive driver? 

Unfortunately, the majority of individuals come across an aggressive driver at some point. Not only are these types of drivers a nuisance, but they are dangerous. Every year, hundreds of people are injured, and some are even killed in road rage incidents. 

The trouble with road rage incidents is that they can also spill out of the vehicles, with aggressive drivers carrying out physical assaults. If you encounter an aggressive driver, how should you handle it? 

No response is the best response 

It can be tempting to respond to the aggressive driver, even just to suggest that they calm down. However, this is unlikely to work. It will probably just add fuel to the fire. The best way to respond to an aggressive driver is not to respond. If it is safe to do so, let them pass. This way, you can move on with your day and remove yourself from danger. 

Pull over at a safe spot

If the aggressive driver refuses to leave you alone, then it may be time to start thinking about pulling over. You shouldn’t pull over at a dangerous part of the road or anywhere that is not busy and open to the public. A grocery store parking lot or a gas station can be good choices because they are likely to be busy and will be covered by CCTV. You should not lead an aggressive driver to your home or place of work, so avoid pulling over at these spots. 

If you have a dash cam or have managed to note the details of the driver’s license plate and vehicle description, this information can be passed on to the authorities. However, personal injury compensation could be an option if you were injured during the incident. 

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