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Tips may help parents to navigate child custody

The process of getting divorced can often be as challenging for the children as it is for the parents who are splitting up. Fortunately, parents can take certain steps to mitigate the negative effects of divorce and child custody negotiations on their children. Here are a couple of ways that divorcing parents in Maryland can make divorce easier.

Divorce involving child custody can have a positive outcome

Breaking up with a spouse can no doubt feel like an overwhelming experience. This is particularly the case for those who have young children at the center of their divorce proceedings. Still, individuals who find themselves struggling with issues such as child custody can certainly have happy and fulfilling endings in Maryland.

The new coronavirus might complicate child custody

Many Maryland parents are currently remaining at home with the children and avoiding going out in public in light of the new coronavirus spread. However, what should they do if they are divorced and have co-parents who also want to spend time with the children? Here is a rundown on how to tackle the child custody arrangement issue during the current pandemic.

Child custody issues can add stress to the holiday season

Every year at this time, Hallmark attempts to convince us that the holiday season is a time of love, kindness to humanity and a feeling of overwhelming peace and serenity that envelops all of humankind. For those experiencing divorce and the emotional strain that child custody puts on the family dynamic, it may be anything but a happy and peaceful time of year in Maryland. Nevertheless, there are steps that can be taken to ease the stress.

Temporary order can assist in child custody cases

Couples in Maryland meet, fall in love, get married and begin families with the intention of raising their family and growing old together. In some instances that is reality but in others the ideal beginning ends in divorce. When children are involved the issue of child custody can be a very difficult one.

Establishing a routine when your kids go back to school

Co-parenting is rarely easy, no matter the time of year. We at the law offices of Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC, know that with school starting, you and other divorced parents in Maryland will need to get used to new routines and schedules. This can present challenges and conflict if you and your ex are not on the same parenting page.

Parental relocation in Maryland

While a divorce can indeed bring with it a sense of finality, it does not necessarily signal the end of the feelings that a couple may feel towards each other; rather, those the nature of those emotions is what changes. Many may find these emotions too difficult to deal with while they are still in close proximity to their ex-spouses, and thus may want to try to move away from Bowie in an attempt to move on with their lives. Indeed, according to, a change in marital status ranks among the top 10 reasons why people relocate. Yet moving away can be difficult when a divorced couple has children together. 

How should I dress for my custody hearing?

While it might seem like an unimportant factor in winning a child custody case, how you dress on the day of the hearing can have a real impact on your chances of success. The clothes you wear will make an impression on the judge before you even begin speaking, which is why attorneys urge their clients to dress correctly. To help you do so, Very Well Family offers the following tips. 

Is joint-custody a better option?

Whether you have recently filed for divorce or you are simply considering the idea, there are many issues that arise. One of the most important is that of child custody and how you and your spouse will continue raising your children once you are separated. Traditionally, the child is put in the sole physical custody of one parent, and the non-custodial parent is given a visitation schedule. However, studies show that children who are raised in joint-custody arrangements may have advantages over those who are raised in sole-custody households.

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