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2018 last year for current tax structure on alimony

Many people in Maryland who find themselves struggling in their marriages often wait some time before rushing into the decision to get divorced. This is with good reason given all that is involved in ending a marriage. Among the many factors that spouses might consider when deciding what to do with their marriage is how their financial situation might change. This could involve everyday expenses as well as those paid less frequently such as taxes.

For multiple decades now, it has been the responsibility of the spouse who receives alimony payments to pay income tax on that money. In addition, the person who made monthly alimony payments was able to deduct the amount paid on their tax return, thereby reducing their overall tax liability. However, starting next calendar year that will all change and it may well have serious implications for people negotiating their divorce settlements.

The ins and outs of military divorce in maryland

For many Maryland residents, divorce can be a black and white topic. It generally involves changing life plans, new arrangements for children and other financial aspects. Through an emotional lens, divorce can mean the ending of one chapter and the beginning of a fresh one. 

While the above is true for most, there are some situations that prove more complex. This term has the same meaning for those in the military, but can come with different factors that affect the process. Learning about those potential factors can make this difficult situation a smoother one for everyone involved. 

Vehicular fatalities in Maryland

Maryland residents today should be able to feel safer than ever before when taking to the road. Whether as a motorist, passenger, bicyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian, there are strong laws and rapidly advancing safety technology in vehicles designed in large part to reduce accidents and keep more people safe. Sadly it seems that even with these advances, more is needed to be done to stem the tide of deaths in motor vehicle accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a total of 505 people lost their lives on Maryland roads and highways in 2016 alone. Of those who died, 130 were killed in drunk driving accidents and another 127 perished in crashes in which excessive speed was identified as a factor. These deaths do not only represent drivers and their passengers as 104 of the people who died were pedestrians. Motorcyclists and bicyclists accounted for 75 and 16 of the deaths, respectively.

Learn the Importance of Creating a Family Care Plan

In the event of deployment, military families must make a Family Care Plan, often as part of their custody agreement which provides information about how children should be cared for and which meets the requirements of your branch of the military.

What if child custody issues cross international borders?

As the world continues to become a more inter-connected global society, international marriages have become more common. However, an upsurge in international relationships and marriages also has resulted in an increase in international child custody disputes. If you have recently divorced from your partner and they have taken your children out of the country against your will, or you fear that they may do so, here is what you need to know to help protect your children and resolve issues.

The Hague Convention includes an international treaty covering stody and child abduction. It covers children ages 16 years old and younger, but it is only applicable in jurisdictions that are members of the convention. The U.S. is a signatory to the treaty along with most European countries and other many nations in the Middle East, Africa and South America.

How Is A Federal Employee's Pension Split In Divorce?

Many people in the process of divorce may not realize that retirement plans can represent the largest marital asset. If one of the individuals is or was a federal employee, there is even more to consider when dividing marital assets. Here is some information about what is at stake for federal employees going through divorce and how federal employees can protect their rights when dividing property.

Retirement savings are marital property that can be subject to division in divorce. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA, is the law governing the division of retirements in the private sector. However, this law does not pertain to federal pensions. For employees of the federal government, the law is much more complicated when it comes to dividing a pension in divorce. That is why it is important to seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in dividing a federal pension in divorce to prevent issues in the future and also:

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