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Ways to avoid a motorcycle accident

Thousands of motorcyclists have recently hit Maryland's roads to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. While the rush of open roads is certainly an experience like no other, some riders can get swept away with the fun. Below are some ways motorcyclists can keep riding all summer long, free from potentially dangerous accidents. 

Because of the inherent risks of motorcycle riding -- such as distracted drivers and road debris -- motorcyclists must develop keen safety skills. Motorcyclist enthusiast magazine RideApart understands these embedded dangers, stating that there are common mistakes that cyclists can watch out for. A type of accident that RideApart considers to be the most common, inappropriate turns can prove deadly. Motorcyclists can prepare for these threats by keeping a close eye on surroundings at all times. This next step may seem unfair, but it can also be advantageous to have low expectations of others' driving skills; doing so can help one catch a mistake before it happens. And just as the the warm, breezy wind whipping by can make speeding all too tempting, RideApart warns readers of the dangers of making turns too quickly.

How is military divorce different?

A divorce is a painful process. It is a terrible feeling to see something you were once so sure of begin to fade. If you are in the military and facing a divorce, your service can add a new layer of confusion and legal variables. Military divorces are very different from the ones civilians face, but you can get through it with a little legal help and by understanding what sets this type of divorce apart.

Common child custody disputes

A divorce can affect families in a number of different ways, and each situation may differ greatly from the next. For Maryland ex-spouses navigating child custody, just one speed bump in the process can create a mountain of stress; not to mention, the wellbeing of children involved remains a top but overwhelming priority. Below are some of the most common child custody disagreements, and ways parents can best address them.

LiveAbout gives an empathetic scope into the problem of child custody battles, raising the common concern of one ex-spouse filing for full custody. The family resources urges readers to turn to legal help when necessary, stressing the importance of navigating a dispute properly. Although some parents choose to handle a custody disagreement pro se, many require assistance in untangling discords. It is also a wise step to prepare for any outcome, as some parents reach the stage of appealing a judge's decision in court. However, LiveAbout explains that parents usually must prove that the judge made some type of mistake in most of these instances.

Navigating high asset divorce

For Maryland residents going through this complex life chapter, divorce is typically no cake walk. Difficulties can arise especially within high asset separations, which can require extra time and consideration. While ex-spouses can agree on some aspects, there are other issues that seem as if they will never be resolved. Below are some typical concerns in regard to high asset divorce and some of the most commonly made mistakes. 

In an article on divorce and finances, Forbes immediately recognizes that high asset divorce can come with extra baggage. Above all else, it is important to get advice from the experts. Forbes goes on to stress that investment-related interests may need to go to a professional who has keen knowledge in this area. Matters such as transfers of ownership and sales, for example, are common aspects in divorces involving CEOs. Forbes also encourages readers to assess their life insurance policies -- another speed bump involving value misjudgments. Choice in lifestyles is another point of contention in high asset divorces, as the ways ex-spouses spend money will likely change after a divorce.

Officers try new way to crack down on distraction

For many years now, drunk driving has been a key focus in Maryland with advocacy groups and law enforcement alike working hard to highlight the dangers of this behavior. While there remains room for improvement as sadly too many people still choose to hop in their cars after they have downed several drinks, impaired driving is no longer the only such killer on the roads.

Distracted driving has skyrocketed in the public awareness as a major hazard to the safety of everyone on the road from motorists to pedestrians alike. Certainly the use of phones has taken center stage in the discussions about distracted driving but it is far from the only form of such activity.

What are the grounds for a fault divorce?

Residents in Maryland can file for either a no-fault divorce or a fault divorce. The former may require a separation period of a full year before the absolute dissolution of marriage is granted. However, if grounds for a fault divorce can be proven, you may be able to obtain the divorce faster in some cases. It may also help in the division of marital property or determining spousal support.

According to Maryland's Department of Human Services, there are six grounds for a fault divorce that you may consider. You have the option of choosing more than one if necessary.

Will people really embrace autonomous cars?

If you are like many residents in Maryland and around the country, you may be watching closely the continued evolution of self-driving cars. You may logically wonder when the roads in your neighborhood might be filled with these vehicles. You might also wonder if these autonomous cars will actually be able to reduce or eliminate accidents as is so often touted. This is indeed an important question.

However, instead of focusing on a particular vehicle's or technology's ability to improve safety, it might be more appropriate to focus on the potential adoption or not of these vehicles and the technologies that make them possible. According to Car and Driver, earning the trust of drivers may be as hard if not harder than developing the autonomous vehicles themselves.

Ruling benefits disabled veterans

In 2017, the Supreme Court set forth a landmark ruling regarding military veterans and their benefits. At issue was the ability for state courts to order some divorced veterans to compensate their ex-spouses for disability benefits received in place of retirement funds.


Military divorce in maryland: the basics

Maryland residents going through divorce likely understand that it is a process that can become demanding and all too time-consuming. When it comes to military divorce, that time can become all the more invested. While separation on any level comes with its own fair share of stress, what can those preparing to divorce in the military expect during the process?

In 2015, The Baltimore Sun reported on changing laws regarding divorce in the state, and how those laws potentially made the divorce process easier for many. According to The Sun, couples without minor children who agree on a number of divorce aspects could have shorter waiting periods under the recent changes. Previously, some couples had to wait up to 12 months before moving forward with plans. The modifications to those laws also made military divorce a potentially easier task, as lawmakers reduced the timeframe that someone must live in Maryland before filing for divorce.

How many people die in car accidents in Maryland?

As vehicle technology geared toward improved safety continues to be advanced, it is easy for you and other motorists to believe that you will actually be safer when they take to the roads in these new vehicles. However, a look at statistics showing the number of accident fatalities across Maryland in recent years indicates that despite improving safety features and even tougher legislation, too many people continue to die on area roads. 

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that between 2012 and 2016, a total of 2,443 lives were lost in motor vehicle accidents throughout the state. Of those deaths, 443 occurred in Prince George's County. Just thinking about 443 funerals and memorial services and the number of people who grieve and must move on without their loved ones makes it easy to see how this number is far too high.

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