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Staying safer when riding a motorcycle

The road is beckoning to you and the sun is blazing. After putting on your helmet, you ride off on your motorcycle, being careful to obey traffic laws. Maintaining safety when riding a motorcycle requires focus and awareness of other vehicles that are sharing the road with you.

Despite wearing helmets and following traffic rules, a motorcycle is no match for a four-wheeled vehicle. Automobile drivers are not always mindful of motorcyclists as they share the road together. Unfortunately, the statistics show that the likelihood of dying in a motorcycle accident is 29 times higher than in a car accident.

How to share the road safely

The good news is that there are things you can do to keep yourself safe while riding your motorcycle. Before you leave:

  • Obtain your license before you get behind the wheel.
  • Examine your bike before you go. Fill up the tires with air and the engine with oil. Verify the functionality of your brakes and headlights.
  • Recognize and abide by the laws. Give notice when you’re turning, follow the flow of traffic, and don’t try to run a yellow light. Respect the speed limit.
  • Keep an eye out for other cars and give yourself enough space to move safely between you and them. Be aware of the blind areas of other drivers.
  • Wear your helmet at all times! The most crucial thing you can do is to physically protect your head. Your helmet may be the difference between a catastrophic brain injury and a life-altering injury in the event of an accident.
  • When you have a passenger, make sure that they wear a helmet, hold firmly to your waist and avoid dangling their feet.

Should you have an accident, allow the paramedics to assist you and give them permission to take you to the hospital. Then, seek legal guidance to help you recover any costs associated with your injuries and medical expenses, if your crash is caused by another’s negligence.

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