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January 2019 Archives

Amicable divorces help children weather the storm of divorce

Married couples with children often wonder how divorce will negatively impact their kids. Some couples stay together long past the love has ended for the “sake of the kids”. The idea is that staying under one roof and “faking it”, is better than being honest about the failure of the marriage and deciding to separate and divorce.

At least 6 injured in multi-vehicle Maryland accident

Road construction can be both a blessing and a bane. It is necessary to keep the roads in good condition and to correct hazards that could lead to accidents or vehicle damage. At the same time, construction can contribute to hazardous conditions that can lead to accidents with the potential to injure drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, as well as construction workers themselves. Road construction played a part in a disastrous multi-vehicle accident that injured at least six people on Interstate 70 in Washington County, Maryland, late last Friday morning.

Mediation has benefits

Divorce is often a complicated and emotional process. However, for couples willing to work together to handle the process amicably, mediation might be a good option. Couples that choose mediation as opposed to litigation for settling the terms of their divorce can save both time and money since they avoid time in court.

Is vehicle technology making us safer?

If you have shopped for a new vehicle in Maryland in the last couple of years, you might have seen vehicles that feature interesting new safety technologies. You might even have taken one of these vehicles for a test drive. The idea that technology can help people drive more safely and avoid accidents is certainly enticing. However, it is important for people to be educated about the true capabilities of these systems.

Fiery crash leads to manslaughter charges for Maryland man

Dashcam footage shows the scene of a horrific accident that happened in the Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City, resulting in damage to multiple vehicles, several injuries, a life lost and a Maryland man in jail facing criminal charges. 

Military retirement benefits in a divorce

For many couples in Maryland who get divorced, splitting up retirement assets can be something that happens during the property division negotiations. When one of the spouses is a member of the United States military, their military retirement benefits may then well be shared between both parties. This is pursuant to a law that has been in place since 1982.

Organ donation system lacking oversight

Residents in Maryland might assume that when it comes to the donation and transplantation of human organs, a tightly run and well-supervised system is in place. This would be a logical assumption given the highly critical and life-sensitive nature of the topic. However, it seems that this may not actually be the case. An incident that occurred in early December in the Pacific Northwest sheds some light onto what may be some gaps in the nation's organ donation process.

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