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March 2018 Archives

Why shared parenting laws cause so much controversy

As the current legislative session gets underway, Maryland lawmakers are expected to tackle the difficult topic of child custody reform. Specifically, Maryland may become the latest state to adopt so-called shared parenting custody laws. However, while there has been plenty of popular support for shared parenting laws, they remain highly controversial, with critics seeing them as placing the interests of parents ahead of children's interests in custody disputes.

Prescription drugs, mistakes and preventative methods

Of all the stressors that can come with a trip to the doctor or, in more serious cases, a surgery, patients can have comfort in knowing that proper prescription medications are in order. Despite the fact that this aspect of health care is generally reliable, thousands of patients receive incorrect prescription medications each year. When a Maryland patient suspects that any part of a medication is incorrect -- including the type of drug or the dosage -- seeking the help of professionals might be a wise step. 

The top causes of car accidents

Most Maryland residents would like to think it simply could not happen to them; others do not think twice when getting behind the wheel. Despite the fact that many turn a blind eye to car accidents, they nevertheless affect thousands of lives each day. And although preventative safety methods aim to protect as many drivers as possible, there are some lesser-known causes of motor vehicle accidents. 

Alternatives to contentious divorce

You have already made the heart-wrenching decision to split. Like many people in your situation, you want to move on to your new life, but family and friends are telling you how difficult the divorce process was for them. What you need to know is that it does not have to be that way and there are alternatives that are based on moving forward as graciously as possible.

Medical malpractice: the numbers and the steps

Physical ailments typically involve some level of stress, even when financial arrangements are in place. The many aspects of a procedure that could go wrong often plague the minds of patients the night before surgery. Maryland, like other states, protects its residents from the mistakes that can occur when under a doctor's care. Nevertheless, some patients can become victims of medical errors that can last for years -- and even a lifetime. 

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