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Appeals And Appellate Representation

Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC, is recognized across the state for our deep understanding of Maryland law and procedure, which we apply in each of our cases. No matter how good the case, however, sometimes the court still makes a mistake.

Appealing a bad ruling is a unique challenge that relies on a different set of skills and expertise than those typically used by a trial attorney, especially in family law. Our firm is there to bridge the gap. We understand the nuances of both trial practice and appellate practice in a way that many firms do not.

You may contact us at our Annapolis office, which is only minutes away from the Robert C. Murphy Courts Of Appeal Building on Rowe Boulevard.

What Makes Our Firm Different?

Each of the attorneys at RGH has a history of appellate practice alongside their decades of experience in trial litigation. That expertise is directed through the work of our dedicated appellate attorney, Brendan E. Madden, who has devoted his practice to this complex and particularized area of law, with a focus on the issues that matter most to Maryland families—divorce, custody, child support, asset division, and more.

We are able to take an appeal from start to finish, from ordering the transcripts to oral argument and beyond. Working in conjunction with his experienced and respected colleagues at RGH, he is able to present your argument in the best light to the appellate courts, maximizing the strength of your appeal and minimizing the weaknesses. Along the way, his understanding of appellate procedure ensures that the process runs smoothly beginning to end—from ordering the transcripts all the way to oral argument (and beyond).

Our expertise is not just a resource, it is a strategic advantage. Our appellate services include:

  • Comprehensive Brief Writing
  • Preparation of Record Extract
  • Oral Argument
  • Stay of Orders Pending Appeal
  • Record and Transcript Review
  • Interlocutory Appeals
  • Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Contact The Firm For Additional Information

Schedule a consultation and elevate your appeal today. Please call our law office at 301-850-7349. You may also send an inquiry online.