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Beyond Top Notch !

Posted by David March 12, 2019

Attorney Randall Herriott is without doubt the best representation you can obtain. From day one he was very in tune with every aspect of the case which took over a year to conclude because of previous counsel not taking the initiative to finish this case in a timely manner. This includes time away from my child who I was fighting for and was losing hope until FINALLY being introduced to Mr. Herriott. He took over where everything had been in limbo and controlled the positive and very progressive reunification between my child and myself. I could not thank him enough for every single thing that he did for our family. He is extremely knowledgeable of the court system and will give you nothing but the very best representation available. You will not find a better lawyer than Mr. Herriott. If you have a pending matter that needs real expert representation than you need to hire Mr. Herriott without hesitation. I have described him as a Samurai with words and every aspect is clearly communicated including things I never knew that were always presented in my best interest.

I can’t say enough to fully express how good Mr. Herriott really is, all I can say is hire him and YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! Mr. Herriott truly is the best.