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Aggressive When Aggressive Is Called For

No issue is argued as intensely as the issue of what happens to the children in divorce. At Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC, we provide the reason, the experience and the legal skills to arrive at positive outcomes and to reduce anxiety over the possibility of losing access to your loved ones.

When the two parties are unable to come to an agreement about custody, parenting and access rights, it’s time to step up and ensure that the best interests of your children are met. Courts often refer parents to mediation to resolve these differences. Sometimes they appoint a child representative or best interest attorney (BIA), to represent the child’s best interests in this process. The court can even appoint specialists in child psychology to testify in contested custody or access cases.

Our attorneys have worked successfully in all these situations as well as child support matters. We believe that satisfactory agreements can be reached in almost every case. Our job is providing the strategy, the legal knowledge and the power of persuasion to arrive at that point.

Very frequently, child custody orders become obsolete over time. As kids get older, their needs and wants change. Their parents’ financial status changes. Some even relocate to different areas. All these changes must be brought to the attention of the court. When necessary, modifications to decrees must be sought and obtained. Our lawyers have an excellent track record of obtaining court permission to go forward with these changes.

Custody Enforcement

The lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC, are also experienced in enforcing custody decrees when one parent is in frequent violation of the terms of the decree. Our attorneys have families, too, and we understand your desire to be with the children you love. We will make every effort to pursue your interests, along with the best interests of your children.

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If you have a child custody or support matter whether in the U.S. or internationally, we are here to offer trusted guidance. Call our offices in Annapolis or Rockville, Maryland, at 301-850-7349. Another option to begin scheduling an initial consultation with one of our lawyers is to send our staff an email.