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Identifying the risks of eating while driving

You and others in Bowie have been inundated with stories and statistics detailing the dangers that drunk or drowsy drivers pose. Yet another class of drivers exists that might be equally as dangerous: distracted drivers. You might only envision those who talk or text on their phones while behind the wheel as being distracted, yet drivers who choose to engage in activities as seemingly simple as eating also qualify as such. How dangerous can those who eat while driving be? Just ask any of the clients that we here at Reinstein Glackin & Herriott have worked with who have been hit by them. 

Information compiled through a joint effort between The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and The Auto Alliance shows that drivers who eat or drink while behind the wheel 3.6 times more likely to be involved in accidents than those who do not. Yet few seem to be aware of this fact, as evidenced by additional data showing that 70 percent of drivers admit to eating while operating their vehicles. 

Custody logistics of moving a child out of Maryland

Divorce may demonstrate both confusion and devastation among parents and children. Especially in custodial decisions, a court holds the right to change your life completely.

During your divorce, the court granted your ex-spouse sole physical custody, but you hold visitation rights. Now, sadly, you learn that your ex-spouse plans to move out of Maryland.

Why can't my spouse keep our house after divorce?

If you and your spouse in Maryland have come to the conclusion that your marriage is no longer working and is beyond repair, you are now at a point where you have to make some major decisions. If you own a home together, what to do with your house will be one of those decisions. It is not uncommon for people to want to work hard to save their homes and stay in them, especially if they have young children. However, that may not be in your best interest.

As explained by Bankrate, there can be many gotchas if one person tries to stay in the family home without refinancing the mortgage into their name only. If you are the spouse who is willing to leave the home and let your former partner stay, you need to understand these.

Are doctors responsible for opioid crisis?

Maryland residents and those in all other states are likely to have heard at least a little about the opioid crisis in the U.S. The gist of the issue is that a lot of Americans are now hooked on opioid painkillers, prescribed by their doctors.

CNN reports that more and more, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is holding doctors responsible for patient overdoses. Some are being charged with murder. The first one to be convicted was California’s Dr. Hsiu-Ying Tsend in 2015, who is serving a minimum, 30-year prison sentence. In 2016, a Texas doctor was charged with illegally distributing pills to seven patients who died. Another doctor in Oklahoma faces murder charges in five cases.

Deciding what to do with your 401k

It is true that divorce proceedings in Bowie can often get complicated, but there are times when that might be necessary. For as much as you do not want to drag out your divorce proceedings, you also want to ensure that whatever assets are shared between you are indeed divided fairly and equitably. One of these is your 401k. Depending on how long you have worked, this could be one of your most valuable assets. Many in your same position have come to us here at Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott asking for advice on how to best split this asset. Unfortunately, there may not be an easy answer to that question. 

The easiest course of action may be to obtain a Qualified Domestic Relations Order that gives permission to your plan administrator to pay out funds to an alternate recipient (your ex-spouse, in this case). He or she then would likely have to roll those funds over into another 401k or IRA account. This method may offer the fewest financial hurdles, yet it does not give your ex-spouse instant access to his or her money. 

How can I make co-parenting easier?

In a world driven by technology, it is not surprising to learn there are websites that can help you and your family navigate the emotionally charged aftermath of divorce and child custody in Maryland. For some, it may be a business, but there are also real people who really care about what you may be going through and want to help. Regardless of their intent, these sites offer an easier way to deal with ex-spouses, which can make your life a little easier too.

Although support payments can be made through Maryland’s Dept. of Human Services, there are several additional options that go beyond submitting a payment. Psychology Today suggests giving these sites a look.

When doctors make mistakes, patients suffer

It can be frightening enough to discover that cancer has been the reason behind health problems; this distress can become all the more magnified when a doctor gives a late diagnosis. Maryland patients deserve honest and reputable healthcare, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. How often do medical professionals miss serious diagnoses, and what happens when an error occurs? 

According to Live Science, the number one reason why patients sue doctors can be traced back to the failure to diagnose an illness. Using a study that spanned across the United States, Canada and other countries, Live Science goes on to state that up to 63 percent of claims involved missed diagnoses. Various types of cancer -- including breast, melanoma, colon and lung cancers -- were most frequently missed. The most common outcome as a result of these errors was death. While some mistakes can never be reversed, Live Science quotes a number of doctors who claim that close studies and analyses of medical errors can ultimately improve the quality of medical practice, no matter the special area. 

Staying connected with young children while deployed overseas

For those scheduled for deployment, parents and children experience a wide range of emotions. If you are divorced, there are additional challenges to being away for extended periods of time. Rest assured that there are things you can do to maintain connection, even if you have a baby or toddler. 


How are heuristics used in healthcare?

Do you feel like your doctor in Bowie gave you the wrong diagnosis? Questioning a medical professional's opinion is never easy given that they likely may know more about medical science than you do. You, however, know your own body better than anyone else, and if your ailment is not improving after having seen (and received treatment from) a provider, the question of whether his or her diagnosis was wrong must be considered. 

Perhaps an even better question is how he or she came up with your diagnosis in the first place? Technology has not yet advanced to the point of allowing doctors a complete and comprehensive view of the inner workings of your body. Thus, they are left to go off of whatever symptoms you describe and/or diagnostic test results available to them. That information often prompts them towards a certain predetermined care plan (which often called a "heuristic"). 

The details of military divorce

Like any divorce, the guidelines in a military divorce procedure may depend on one's location. Unlike regular divorce, however, military divorce involves a number of factors that may affect the outcome of the situation, including asset division, current pay and retirement pay. What can Maryland military families learn about military divorce to ensure a smoother process?

The National Military Family Association immediately points out in an article on military divorce that divorce proceedings can vary by state law. Despite this fact, federal law gives families guidance on various details, such as how retirement pay might change and the specifics of benefits going to an ex-spouse. First, the NMFA explains that a service member is still responsible for providing support for a spouse (and for children, if they are involved) during the separation. Service members may look to their state's specific regulations on benefits during this time. However, as the NMFA points out, an ex-spouse can typically retain a military ID card -- complete with full benefits -- during the divorce.

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