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Risk of motor vehicle accidents is greater during the holidays

The holiday season is a time for relaxing and visiting with friends in Maryland and around the country. It is also a very busy time of year and traffic can become even more congested than normal. The increased congestion can increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents occurring. A recent accident in the Baltimore area took the life of a young mother and injured her 3-year-old son.

A car was headed eastbound on Eastern Boulevard when it sideswiped another vehicle in an adjoining lane. The car then veered across the median and struck the vehicle that was driven by the young mother, hitting it head-on. The cause of the accident is under investigation but it is believed that the driver of the vehicle who hit the car the child was riding in may have been under the influence. The accident happened shortly after midnight.

Child custody issues can add stress to the holiday season

Every year at this time, Hallmark attempts to convince us that the holiday season is a time of love, kindness to humanity and a feeling of overwhelming peace and serenity that envelops all of humankind. For those experiencing divorce and the emotional strain that child custody puts on the family dynamic, it may be anything but a happy and peaceful time of year in Maryland. Nevertheless, there are steps that can be taken to ease the stress.

As with so many other aspects of life, communication can be a key ingredient for a happier holiday season. If there is a court order detailing child custody, making sure the order is fully understood and communicated to both parties ahead of the holiday can help prevent added anxiety and emotions as the holiday nears. Communication should include talking with the children as involving them in planning may help them adjust to the new situation.

Informed consent and medical malpractice

When a person enters the hospital in Maryland for a surgical procedure, a signed consent form is typically required before the surgery can proceed. This form highlights the risks associated with the procedure to be performed. In addition, doctors are required to inform patients of known potential risks. This is known as "informed consent." If complications occur and a patient was not informed of the risks grounds for a medical malpractice claim may exist.

Doctors typically try to foresee all of the things that might go wrong during a procedure and inform the patient of these risks. But what if something unforeseen occurs during the surgery resulting in a complication the patient was not made aware of prior to surgery? Consent forms often provide for this eventuality with a clause that says the patient consents to treatments that may become necessary during the procedure.

Preparing for collaboration when emotions are high

You may no longer be able to conjure up the feelings you had for your spouse on your wedding day. However, you know that you were happy and in love even though much has changed since then. You may be ready to divorce your spouse but unwilling to add to the heartache you are already sharing. Perhaps you are looking for information on how to reach this goal.

Many couples find that alternative dispute resolution methods allow them to end their marriages peacefully without creating a situation that places them on opposite sides of a battle. One method of ADR is collaborative law. If you are considering a collaborative divorce, it is wise to learn as much as possible about this process before committing to it. It is also important that you know the triggers that may send your efforts off course and jeopardize your chances of a successful collaboration.

Death after routine surgery could result in medical malpractice

Parents do not expect to their sons or daughters to die before them. The norm is that parents raise children to adulthood and hopefully live to see the birth of the next generation. Wartime is an exception as sons and daughters go off to fight and sometimes die in battle. But a parent does not expect one serving in the military to die as a result of a fairly routine surgery. Such a situation occurred on a Maryland naval base and has led to a possible medical malpractice lawsuit.

A 23-year-old Naval corpsman had shoulder surgery in 2017. Shortly after waking up in recovery, he complained to his mother of being in excruciating pain. His mother summoned medical help. The surgeon did not respond but other medical personnel administered oxycodone, an opioid, and also gave the patient a morphine drip. The corpsman was found dead a few days later of an apparent opioid overdose.

Failure to deliver emergency care can be medical malpractice

Bringing a child into the world is often anticipated with great joy in Maryland. A woman in labor in another state experienced complications that resulted in her child being born with severe brain damage. The mother filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital where her child was born.

The complication that may have caused the brain damage occurred while the woman was in labor. According to ultrasound readings during labor, the fetus showed no signs of movement for a six-hour period during labor. The mother also communicated to medical staff that she could not feel the baby moving. During the medical malpractice trial, attorneys claimed that medical staff ignored the ultrasound results that might have indicated a problem. Expert witnesses testified during the trial that had a cesarean section been performed when the problem occurred the brain damage would have been prevented.

A football player, a team doctor and medical malpractice

Professional athletes in Maryland and elsewhere rely on their health and ability to allow them to perform in their sports at peak competitive levels. Team doctors are employed by the organizations to help protect the athletes and recommend treatment for them in the event of injury or illness. A professional football player is claiming that team medical professionals failed to live up to that commitment, and it may result in a medical malpractice case.

The player, a tackle with a local team, had noticed what appeared to be an abnormal growth on his head. He first noticed it a few years ago, and when he told team doctors about it, they reportedly dismissed it as a cyst and therefore something minor. In the intervening period, the growth was removed and found to be cancerous. The team sent him to a specialist where it was determined that the cancer had progressed to a more serious stage and required several surgeries to fully remove the cancerous tissue.

Troubles with your marital finances come out during divorce

If you and your spouse fight about money, you may find little comfort in knowing you are not alone. About one-third of all adult couples have serious disputes about their finances. Even those with substantial wealth may have a difficult time dealing with their family's financial issues. This is because those problems seldom crop up after you take your vows. You may not even realize it, but you and your spouse may have brought your problems into the marriage with you.

What makes your marriage unique may also be what makes your divorce unique. However, if money struggles are bringing you and your spouse to the end of your marriage, it may help to understand some of the most common differences couples have over financial matters.

Failure to maintain communication can result in military divorce

Life in the military involves hard work. When family relationships are added to the mix the challenge of maintaining a strong relationship with loved ones can seem overwhelming. Overseas deployments can mean a long separation for families from Maryland who have loved serving in the armed forces. If the stress and strain of lengthy separations are not addressed, the outcome can lead to a military divorce.

One of the biggest causes in any divorce is financial discord and this is no less true where military families are concerned. Financial situations can change during deployments and how the situation is handled can determine the impact it has on family relationships. Honest conversations and financial planning can help keep long-term financial goals on track. As in other facets of a relationship, communication is critically important. Discuss concerns openly and honestly.

Medical malpractice can result in tragic outcome

Urgent care facilities in Maryland have been hailed as a benefit to the health care system as they can typically handle non-critical cases more quickly than an emergency room. If a patient is too ill to be treated at the urgent care facility, he or she is typically referred to the nearest hospital. In one case in another state, this referral was not made, and the result was a medical malpractice lawsuit against the facility.

A woman was experiencing breathing problems and went to her nearby urgent care facility. After examining her, they sent her home with an inhaler and told her that her symptoms should improve. The woman died the following day reportedly due to the presence of blood clots in her lungs.

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