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Divorce and your future wealth - or lack thereof

If you and your spouse in Maryland have made the hard choice to end your marriage, you know that now it is time to turn your attention to the logistics of untangling your lives. The experience of getting divorced touches every fiber of a person's life and the outcome of the final divorce settlement can have a major influence on their future life and lifestyle.

It is not uncommon for one or both spouses to experience some changes to their manner of living after getting divorced. This makes sense given that assets are generally split. Any debt shared by you and your spouse may also be parsed out between the two of you. However, the impact of a divorce on your daily life and your financial future might be greater than you think based on some research conducted at Bowling Green State University. It even turns out that the age at which you divorce may play a role in this.

Analyzing the average length of a doctor visit

Like most in Bowie, you rarely look forward to seeing the doctor. Yet whenever you do see a physician, you should reasonably expect that you have their full and undivided attention. Many have come to us here at Reinstein Glackin & Herriot LLC after having experienced a misdiagnosis or other medical error believing that based off the time of their visits, they were not afforded that benefit. 

This inevitably raises the question of how long should a visit to the doctor last. During an appointment, a doctor is expected to do the following: 

  • Review your medical history
  • Perform a check of your bodily systems
  • Gather enough information to make an informed decision regarding your diagnosis

Collision in Bel Alton kills two, injures two more

It is impossible to account for the negligence of others when preparing to accomplish one's daily routine in Bowie. All at once, an incident such as a car collision can take one from leading a productive life to facing serious injuries (or worse), extensive rehabilitation and astronomical expenses. When that collision is due to the apparently reckless actions of another, one may be justified in seeking compensation. 

While authorities have not yet officially determined if negligence was indeed a factor, many may surmise that it was at least present in car accident that recently occurred in Bel Alton. A car carrying three people from struck from behind by an SUV on Crain Highway. The speed of the approaching SUV was apparently enough to severely damage the car and kill two of its occupants (one of them being a 15-year-old boy). The driver of the car was also taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the SUV also required hospitalization. Whether or not he may face any criminal charges stemming from the accident has not yet been reported. 

Silence in exchange for $6M malpractice settlement

People in Maryland who are interested in finding ways to protect themselves against medical errors may often find it useful and interesting to track the outcomes of medical malpractice claims or lawsuits. In some situations, plaintiffs end up signing away their right to disclose many or even any details in exchange for the receipt of a financial settlement. The silence, however, can speak volumes at times. It may be assumed that defendants would rather pay out money than have information disclosed.

Many of Neil Armstrong's surviving family members have opted for money instead of disclosure in a legal case asserting malpractice against the Mercy Health system in relation to the astronaut's death in the summer of 2012. The man's children, siblings and grandchildren have all been awarded money for his death that they say was due to inappropriate care or actions on the part of medical staff at a hospital in Ohio.

Determining the child's best interests in military custody cases

Being in the military isn't an easy way to make a living and it certainly isn’t easy on marriages and families. Unusual hours and extended periods of deployment can come at any time, making life difficult for a married couple. It is no wonder the divorce rate among service members is higher than the U.S. population as a whole. 

When the relationship ends, the spouse who isn't a service member (dependent is the old military term) may not want to continue living around the base. Many would rather move back closer to their city or state of origin to be closer to their families. Custodial child move-away cases are common and often very contentious. If the petition is granted, it can affect the child's relationship with the non-custodial parent. If denied, the custodial parent will be forced to stay, regardless of their wants or needs. So how do the courts decide? 

What is negligent entrustment?

The stress and worry that comes from an auto accident case are often tempered by the expectation that your expenses will be covered by the driver who was responsible for the collision. Yet what is the driver that hit you in Bowie was driving a vehicle that did not belong to them? Worse yet, what if said driver had a history of poor driving behavior and never should have been entrusted with a vehicle in the first place. Your frustration with the one who loaned the driver that caused your accident their vehicle is understandable; the question is whether or not that action equates to liability. 

The legal principle of negligent entrustment allows you to hold a vehicle owner responsible for any damages caused by one to whom they allowed to their car, truck or SUV. Yet that does not necessarily mean that any incident in which a loaned vehicle was involved in an accident automatically assigns liability to the vehicle's owner; rather, certain conditions must be met in order to cite negligent entrustment in your case. 

Three ways that military divorces are more complicated

Technically, the law treats a military divorce the same as a civilian divorce. However, due to a variety of factors that affect the military lifestyle, you as a service member may have additional concerns about divorce that a civilian does not.

While alimony, custody and property division are concerns of all divorcing couples, these things can be more complicated in your divorce. Here are three unique factors you will contend with during a military divorce.

Parental relocation in Maryland

While a divorce can indeed bring with it a sense of finality, it does not necessarily signal the end of the feelings that a couple may feel towards each other; rather, those the nature of those emotions is what changes. Many may find these emotions too difficult to deal with while they are still in close proximity to their ex-spouses, and thus may want to try to move away from Bowie in an attempt to move on with their lives. Indeed, according to, a change in marital status ranks among the top 10 reasons why people relocate. Yet moving away can be difficult when a divorced couple has children together. 

A parent who has custody of their kids cannot simply move away without giving both the court and their ex-spouse notice. Section 9-106 of Maryland's Family Law Code states that notice must be given 90 days prior to the intended relocation. In cases where a custodial parent cannot wait the requisite 90 days, the court will consider the factors contributing to their urgency. If financial or other extenuating circumstances require a hasty relocation, and the parent has provided notice within a reasonable time after learning of the need to relocate, then the court may waive that 90-day requirement. In cases were there is concern that notifying the other parent may subject the relocating parent and/or the children to abuse, the court may not require notice at all. 

Jury returns $229M+ verdict for birth injury

Pregnant women who live in Massachusetts and who experience complications during their pregnancy should be able to trust that their doctors and other medical professionals involved in their care will properly advise them and take steps to protect themselves and their unborn babies. This unfortunately does not always happen and such incidents may contribute to lifelong injuries experienced by mothers or babies.

According to The Washington Post, a baby girl was born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly nearly five years ago after experiencing a severe lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. The child's mother alleges the conditions are due to inappropriate actions by medical staff. Medical staff allege that the problems resulted from decisions made by the mother.

The benefits of a collaborative divorce

Facing a divorce can be daunting. You may dread the process to divide your household, as well as the intervention of the court in deciding on some of the most important aspects of your life.

However, not all couples end their marriages on bad terms. When you and your spouse amicably end your marriage, you could benefit from seeking a collaborative divorce, rather than a divorce through traditional litigation. This process can provide Maryland couples who have few disagreements with a more cooperative, informal and flexible divorce setting.

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