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Does your divorce have to be a court battle?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many divorce cases involve a highly contentious court battle with high emotions and fighting. These situations can be extremely draining for a person to go through and no one enjoys battling for their family and their property.

There is no easy or simple way to go through a divorce, but is there a way to make it less stressful? There are a few divorce alternatives you may want to consider to avoid some of the worst parts of divorce process. Mediation and collaboration are two different ways you can settle your divorce, with less stress, but how do they work?


In this type of divorce alternative, you and your soon-to-be-ex will work with a neutral mediator to come to an agreement about the terms of your divorce. While you will both still need a lawyer, this person is an unbiased third party who can help you and your spouse settle your divorce and figure out how to divide property, assign custody of your children and other elements of your divorce.

Some couples prefer mediation because it is a less contentious process and can help couples preserve some sort of amicable relationship. In some cases mediation is quicker, more efficient and costs less money. Mediation is also private and can help couples have more control of their divorce.


In a collaborative divorce, couples work out a settlement together, without going to court. Both you and your spouse will work with an attorney who will advise and assist you in creating a settlement that is agreeable for both parties. You meet with your attorney separately from your spouse and their attorney as well as together with all parties. At the end of the process all parties involved will have to sign the agreement created by your attorneys.

These divorce alternatives may be suitable for some couples, but no two divorce situations are alike. There are some circumstances in which you may need to litigate, which is the more traditional for of divorce. However, mediation and collaboration can reduce the stress and emotional toll of the divorce process, if your situation fits these models.