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Summer kid’s care checklist

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

The summer can often become very expensive for parents. Without school to keep your kids busy, you’re now charged with finding another program to care for them while you’re at work.

If you will be electing a new babysitter, nanny or at-home daycare to use for your children, check out these checklist items to make sure the home is a safe place to leave them.

Friendly animal

If the care provider has a dog or cat, you should make sure to ask questions about the animal’s history and vaccinations. You should also witness how the dog or cat reacts to new people and children.

If the animal has a history of abuse or lashing out, leaving your child with the animal can risk injury. Also, always be sure that your child is not allergic.

Electric socket covers

Even if your child is older, it’s worth checking whether the care provider your child will be staying with has gone to the trouble to cover open electric outlets. Since many children use portable electronic devices that utilize a wall charger, an outlet cover will hopefully alert the child to use caution if nothing else.

For toddlers or infants, these are essential safety precautions.


Sure, kids are messy. If you were taking care of several kids, you may have a hard time keeping the place neat and tidy. But, if it’s your job to care for children, it’s also your job to keep their environment clean. Is the place full of animal hair? Are toys neatly put away? When you use the restroom, can you smell mold?

An unorganized, unclean household may lead children to trip and fall, contract viruses, and generally forego the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves.

Un-corded blinds

The cords that drop down to control blinds are such a danger to children that they’ve been banned from the US market. While these can no longer be bought, older homes may still have them installed.

A caregiver who is not responsible enough to replace these tips of blinds while carrying for children creates a huge safety risk for your child.

Fixed furniture

Another big concern for parents should be whether heavy furniture has been fixed to the walls with a child safety mechanism. Three children lost their lives after an IKEA dresser tipped over on top of them.

Additionally, it’s a plus if furniture is away from a window to prevent children from climbing up onto the windowsill. Window screens, which are often exposed in the summer, are not usually strong enough to hold a child.

Safe sinks

Try washing your hands in the bathroom sink. Is there an anti-scalding device?

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for a child to get a third-degree burn from scalding water. A water heater should not exceed 120 degrees.

Your child’s individual needs

These are just a few safety precautions you can check to help ensure that you are leaving your child in a safe environment. However, each child has individual needs that may necessitate other safety precautions too.

Above all, if things don’t work out and your child is hurt while in the care of a provider, don’t take the situation likely. Negligent care providers can face consequences for allowing a child to get hurt.