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Protecting Your Rights In A High-Asset Divorce

When couples who have a high net worth are going through the divorce process, there are many things at stake — homes, vacation properties, significant retirement accounts and business or stock holdings. Divorce can sometimes bring out the worst in people. If necessary, our attorneys know how to fight proactively for our clients.

Rest assured we have the experience necessary to dig deep to find all assets and determine what you are entitled to from the marriage. The lawyers at Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC have decades of experience representing wealthy individuals in the D.C. area in divorce. We are highly regarded among our peers, who have ranked us among the top lawyers in Maryland.

Options To Preserve Your Privacy

At Reinstein, Glackin & Herriott, LLC, we offer different options for representation as you go through the process of divorce. Consider mediation and collaborative law if you would like to keep the details of your divorce settlement private. With this process, the filings will not be public, which can be important to individuals in a high-asset divorce.

Learn More About What Makes Our Firm Stand Out

As you begin the process of divorce, we can answer your questions about asset protection, alimony, child support and division of property. If you are a spouse that does not earn an income, you may be entitled to an award of attorney fees paid for by your former spouse. Contact us today to learn more.

We have offices located in Annapolis or Rockville, Maryland. To schedule an initial consultation, call 301-850-7349 or send our staff an email.