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Is Divorce Bad For Children?

Parents who are considering divorce will often ask “Is divorce bad for children?” They love their children so much they are willing to be miserable and remain married to prevent their kids from any suffering. But many people do not realize that the effects of divorce on kids can sometimes be positive. Consider:

  • Increased quality time with each parent. Splitting time with children can make a parent more focused on their kids during the time they do have with them.
  • Constant arguing and tension in the house are gone. Even when you and your spouse are having silent warfare, children can feel when things are not right between parents.
  • They will learn it’s OK not to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Modeling this can be life-changing for your children.

A Happy Parent Often Equals A Happy Child

Today’s society has placed an unfair expectation of perfection for parents of young children. From making organic baby food to volunteering at school or coaching the team, all of the focus ends up on the kids. Parents put themselves last. In some ways, children benefit. But parents struggle. A parent who is not taking care of themselves will have a hard time taking care of others.

If you are in an unhappy marriage that you’ve attempted to fix repeatedly, it may be time to consider whether things would be better for the children if you and your spouse go your separate ways. Finding happiness for yourself and removing the tension from the house may lead to a better childhood for your kids.

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