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The top causes of car accidents

Most Maryland residents would like to think it simply could not happen to them; others do not think twice when getting behind the wheel. Despite the fact that many turn a blind eye to car accidents, they nevertheless affect thousands of lives each day. And although preventative safety methods aim to protect as many drivers as possible, there are some lesser-known causes of motor vehicle accidents. 

Last year, Slate magazine spent time considering the most common causes of car accidents, naming the rolling of a right turn on red as the first culprit. This driving practice may seem harmless, but can in fact become deadly. Slate mentions that rolling turns can overwhelm one’s ability to drive attentively; the time taken to stop and gain awareness of surroundings can make all the difference. Another problem that affects people in more categories than driving involves exhaustion. Falling asleep at the wheel is a major issue today, as Slate refers to a study to share that 37 percent of all drivers admit to have fallen asleep at the wheel at some point in their driving histories. Staying in the correct lanes is another common challenge — Slate adds that 33 percent of all crashes occur as a result of drivers’ failure to stay in the right lanes. 

Business Insider also takes a look at car accidents and the most dangerous driving methods. Overlapping with Slate’s article, BI notes that failure to stay in the correct lane is the most frequent cause of fatal crashes, with failure to yield right of way following closely behind. While drowsy driving can create its own set of dangers, reckless driving is another potentially deadly game; this type of driving was the most common cause of wrecks in six states. There are many other risky driving habits that affect American drivers, but the message is clear: just one wrong move while driving can change one’s life forever.     


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