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Military divorce in maryland: the basics

Maryland residents going through divorce likely understand that it is a process that can become demanding and all too time-consuming. When it comes to military divorce, that time can become all the more invested. While separation on any level comes with its own fair share of stress, what can those preparing to divorce in the military expect during the process?

In 2015, The Baltimore Sun reported on changing laws regarding divorce in the state, and how those laws potentially made the divorce process easier for many. According to The Sun, couples without minor children who agree on a number of divorce aspects could have shorter waiting periods under the recent changes. Previously, some couples had to wait up to 12 months before moving forward with plans. The modifications to those laws also made military divorce a potentially easier task, as lawmakers reduced the timeframe that someone must live in Maryland before filing for divorce.

Although maintaining awareness of current laws that apply to divorce is essential, it is also important to understand possible speed bumps. Military magazine offers another point that those going through military divorce should consider: the location of filing. The very nature of military life can make filing for divorce difficult. Having the options of filing locations is one aspect of military divorce that differs from standard divorce; Military stresses that the location should be a place where the couple has actually lived. And while laws can vary from state to state, Military also points out that divorcing couples can look to places where they have voted, paid state taxes or opened bank accounts when looking for a location. Those going through this difficult time can access further information on state laws to make the process a smoother one.   





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