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Common child custody disputes

On Behalf of | May 8, 2018 | Child Custody

A divorce can affect families in a number of different ways, and each situation may differ greatly from the next. For Maryland ex-spouses navigating child custody, just one speed bump in the process can create a mountain of stress; not to mention, the wellbeing of children involved remains a top but overwhelming priority. Below are some of the most common child custody disagreements, and ways parents can best address them.

LiveAbout gives an empathetic scope into the problem of child custody battles, raising the common concern of one ex-spouse filing for full custody. The family resources urges readers to turn to legal help when necessary, stressing the importance of navigating a dispute properly. Although some parents choose to handle a custody disagreement pro se, many require assistance in untangling discords. It is also a wise step to prepare for any outcome, as some parents reach the stage of appealing a judge’s decision in court. However, LiveAbout explains that parents usually must prove that the judge made some type of mistake in most of these instances.

Another frequent obstacle parents reach in child custody involves financial aspects. U.S. News outlines some strategies parents can use when an ex-spouse cannot pay child support, starting by noting that the most crucial step has to do with keeping the other parent involved. By attempting to work together, a frustrated and indebted parent can potentially better explain the seriousness of the situation and work out a plan accordingly. U.S. News also suggests making payment plans, as negotiations can make the process easier for everyone. The news outlet points out that all states have anti-retroactive modification regulations, and parents can look to local laws to best determine a solution for such challenging child custody issues.     




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