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Ways to avoid a motorcycle accident

Thousands of motorcyclists have recently hit Maryland’s roads to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. While the rush of open roads is certainly an experience like no other, some riders can get swept away with the fun. Below are some ways motorcyclists can keep riding all summer long, free from potentially dangerous accidents. 

Because of the inherent risks of motorcycle riding — such as distracted drivers and road debris — motorcyclists must develop keen safety skills. Motorcyclist enthusiast magazine RideApart understands these embedded dangers, stating that there are common mistakes that cyclists can watch out for. A type of accident that RideApart considers to be the most common, inappropriate turns can prove deadly. Motorcyclists can prepare for these threats by keeping a close eye on surroundings at all times. This next step may seem unfair, but it can also be advantageous to have low expectations of others’ driving skills; doing so can help one catch a mistake before it happens. And just as the warm, breezy wind whipping by can make speeding all too tempting, RideApart warns readers of the dangers of making turns too quickly.

Cruiser magazine immediately notes in an article on avoiding motorcycle accidents that time is of the essence on the road, making it all the more important to think quickly. The article also critiques that many motorcyclists place too much trust in their bike’s emergency brakes, which can create problems. It is crucial to understand one’s front and rear brakes in the case of an emergency. Cruiser recommends using high beam lights during the day to increase rider visibility, as well as remaining in the mix of cars in heavy urban traffic. Following this step can help cyclists avoid drivers’ blind spots. Sometimes an accident is simply impossible to avoid, but in many situations, they are preventable.  








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