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How can I make co-parenting easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Child Custody

In a world driven by technology, it is not surprising to learn there are websites that can help you and your family navigate the emotionally charged aftermath of divorce and child custody in Maryland. For some, it may be a business, but there are also real people who really care about what you may be going through and want to help. Regardless of their intent, these sites offer an easier way to deal with ex-spouses, which can make your life a little easier too.

Although support payments can be made through Maryland’s Dept. of Human Services, there are several additional options that go beyond submitting a payment. Psychology Today suggests giving these sites a look. is a site with several features, including a scheduling calendar that helps keep everyone up to date on custody schedules. on the right page. You can share details, such as “bring a swimsuit” and send notes asking for changes in parenting time. A message board saves everything—notes cannot be deleted or changed. It also includes a “tone” meter that alerts you to use of negative language and can help you avoid a fight. A journal lets you record any incidents you think are important, such as last-minute schedule changes, and an information “bank” keeps insurance data, medical histories, emergency contacts and more all in one place. offers help making and tracking child support payments. You can make payment through PayPal or your bank and keep records so there is no confusion. It also tracks expenses, such as tuition, clothing costs, dental visits and more, so everyone can see how money is being spent. tools help you create custody schedules and send secure messages that cannot be deleted. You can also send requests and track agreements. If things are getting a little tense, this site offers parenting counselors on demand.

Co-parenting can be trying, especially if the divorce is particularly unfriendly. Websites such as these give you the chance to take care of the business end of a divorce and avoid the emotion-filled confrontations.

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