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3 tips for smart social media usage amid divorce

Like many people across Maryland, you may use social media on a daily basis as a means of staying in touch with friends and family, meeting new people or what have you. While, for many, social media can be a great way to socialize and maintain communications with others, people going through divorces might be wise to tread carefully when using it. At , & , LLC, we have seen firsthand how using social media can come back to bite those navigating their way through divorces, and we have helped many clients make smart moves during their splits that protect their best interests.

According to Prevention, one of the best things you can do with regard to social media during your divorce is simply abstain from using it entirely. Taking a break from social media until your divorce finalizes is your surest method of protecting, and avoiding incriminating, yourself, and you may find that avoiding it opens up time for you to do the other things you enjoy instead.

If you do not think you can realistically stay off social media until your divorce becomes official, exercise extreme care when posting anything, and never assume that your ex cannot see your posts and interactions. Chances are, you have certain contacts in common, and even if not, it is never wise to assume you have any semblance of privacy when communicating online.

While avoiding using social media and never assuming you have privacy online are important, so, too, is realizing the ways in which your posts can come back to haunt you. For example, you may not think twice about documenting that shopping excursion or girls or guys trip you recently took, but you can bet that the ex from whom you are seeking alimony will take issue with it. You can find more about divorce on our webpage.

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