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What to know about birdnesting

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Child Custody

When Maryland couples get divorced, they usually want to find a custody arrangement which will be best for their kids. Some families may want to consider an arrangement known as birdnesting.

Most of the time, children travel between their parent’s homes after a divorce. NBC says that when parents decide to birdnest, the parents are the ones who travel between houses. In this situation, the children continue to live in their family home and each parent alternates his or her time between the family home and an apartment. This kind of arrangement may be beneficial for many reasons. One benefit is that the children do not need to leave their home, neighborhood and school. Sometimes parents may want to use this arrangement when they first decide to get a divorce so the kids can stay in their familiar environment while they get used to the new situation.

Sometimes birdnesting may work best if parents are on good terms throughout the divorce and afterward. This is because some people may find it difficult to share the family home if one parent does not clean or go grocery shopping during his or her time in the house. To make this arrangement work, people may want to create a list of house rules each parent needs to follow, as well as a list of tasks each parent needs to get done.

While some people may like the idea of maintaining their children’s familiar living situation, they may wonder if birdnesting is a good long-term arrangement. According to The Washington Post, birdnesting may sometimes present financial difficulties. Some families may not be able to afford the expenses of three different residences, one for the children and an apartment for each parent. Additionally, sharing a residence may sometimes complicate child support orders, as it may not always be clear which parent needs financial support. It is a good idea for parents to evaluate all of their options to find the best solution for their family.

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