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Can illegal turns harm you?

As a resident of Maryland, you likely spend a decent amount of time on the road throughout the week. Poor driving behaviors can put you at risk any time you go out, and this includes drivers taking risks by making illegal turns.

What are illegal turns, exactly? It’s any turn you make that is banned by law. FindLaw takes a look at one type in particular: illegal U-turns. These turns puts people on the road at risk by introducing a vehicle into the flow of traffic where there shouldn’t have been one. Drivers are unprepared for this new obstacle and may not see the new car in time to slow down or stop, resulting in rear-end crashes.

Illegal turns at intersections can also be hazardous. Because cars are coming from all directions, the chance of a multi-car crash happening is relatively high. Once again, drivers have less time to react. Swerving to avoid a potential collision could result in them hitting other cars instead.

Turns are considered to be illegal because of the dangers they pose. A driver’s vision may be limited, the road may be one-way only, or the driver may not be able to smoothly merge into the flow of existing traffic. When drivers choose to disregard these dangers and take an illegal turn anyway, they put themselves and other drivers at risk.

If you have been injured by a driver who has taken an illegal turn, you may want to contact an attorney to learn about the options you have for compensation.

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