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Jury returns $229M+ verdict for birth injury

Pregnant women who live in Massachusetts and who experience complications during their pregnancy should be able to trust that their doctors and other medical professionals involved in their care will properly advise them and take steps to protect themselves and their unborn babies. This unfortunately does not always happen and such incidents may contribute to lifelong injuries experienced by mothers or babies.

According to The Washington Post, a baby girl was born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly nearly five years ago after experiencing a severe lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. The child’s mother alleges the conditions are due to inappropriate actions by medical staff. Medical staff allege that the problems resulted from decisions made by the mother.

The dispute between the two parties was recently evaluated by a jury in a medical malpractice trial. After listening to evidence from both sides, the six jurors in the case returned a relatively expedient verdict in favor of the mother and her child. The woman had preeclampsia and, 25 weeks into her pregnancy, was admitted to the hospital where labor was induced. Her daughter was born 22 hours later after enduring that time with insufficient oxygen to her brain.

Medical staff indicate they did not perform a Caesarean section because the mother refused it. The mother indicates she was told by physicians that a C-section may have left her child with brain damage or even dead. The verdict provided damages of more than $229 million but those will likely be reduced to meet the state’s maximum. An appeal in the matter is expected.



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