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High-asset divorce, like any divorce, can be disruptive

Divorce is seldom easy and can be very disruptive, particularly when children are involved. One decision that often has to be made early in the process is whether to keep or sell the family home in Maryland. This can be a very emotional decision and also a financial one. Where it used to be financially difficult for one person to afford the home, it has become a bit easier in part due to lower interest rates. In a high-asset divorce a slight softening in the prices of larger homes is also making it a bit easier for one person to keep the home.

A family’s ability to enable the children to stay in the house they consider home can help ease the emotional stress brought about by their parents’ divorce. In addition to being able to afford monthly mortgage and escrow expenses, it is also necessary to consider the funds necessary for care and upkeep of the home. It may be less of a challenge if a home is newer construction, but as a house ages, repairs may be needed.

Another advantage to being able to stay in the home is that it enables a family to more quickly establish a new normal. The children can gradually become accustomed to the absence of one parent while remaining in familiar surroundings. This process can begin as soon as a separation takes place. It can also ease establishing a new paradigm for the relationship with the absent parent.

A high-asset divorce, like any divorce, can be very hard on families. Reaching a settlement that creates the least disruption to parents and their children can be a laudable but difficult goal to achieve in Maryland. The presence of a family law attorney in the mix can help calm the situation.

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