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Tragic birth accident can result in medical malpractice

The anticipated birth of a child is typically one of the happiest and most exciting in a woman’s life in Maryland. While most women hope for a relatively easy and safe delivery, circumstances can require that a cesarean section be performed to protect the life of the mother and child. When this is the case, it increases the likelihood of a woman requiring a cesarean section on a subsequent pregnancy. This happened in a hospital in another state and resulted in a medical malpractice case.

A woman was admitted to a hospital to deliver her second child. Her first child had been born by C-section about one year before. The woman was expecting to deliver naturally. According to the suit, she was not sufficiently warned of the possible complications of a vaginal delivery following a surgical delivery, especially if the pregnancies were relatively close together.

The suit alleged that the hospital did not take into consideration the woman’s prior medical history regarding pregnancy and delivery and so did not adequately inform the woman of the possible risks presented by a vaginal delivery in her situation. The child was born with a severe brain injury that the suit alleges could have been avoided had a surgical delivery been performed. The court agreed that the hospital was at fault and awarded the woman $15.1 million in damages.

Going to the hospital expecting to give birth to a healthy baby and finding that something has happened to the child can be a horrific shock. Finding out that the tragedy might have been avoided can be heartbreaking  A person who has had such an unfortunate experience in Maryland may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the facts and advise a client as to whether a medical malpractice suit is a viable option.

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