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Avoiding divorce battles with mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce does not have to come down to two sides fighting to see who “wins.” Instead, a divorcing couple can take a more collaborative approach through mediation, in which both parties reach an agreement together. Mediation can benefit Maryland couples in many different ways.

Mediation is a process during which two people sit down with an impartial third party to reach an agreeable divorce settlement. While it might sound impossible to work effectively with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, couples who use mediation are generally more satisfied with their outcomes compared with those who headed straight to court. This is partially because mediation gives people greater control over the outcome. While family law judges do their very best to familiarize themselves with different couples’ cases, individuals usually understand their own needs and interests better than anyone.

There is also the promise of confidentiality, too. When divorce goes to court, records are generally made readily available to the public. Mediation keeps the details of a divorce agreement under wraps, maintaining one’s privacy and important financial information.

Compared to a litigated divorce, mediation is much less expensive and time-consuming than heading straight to court. This can be ideal for many people in Maryland who are ready to end their marriages with as little conflict as possible. This does not mean it is necessarily a good idea to head straight into divorce without preparing first. Instead, speaking with an experienced attorney about what steps to take before this process may help lay the foundation for a successfully mediated divorce.

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