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Less traffic puts you at higher risk for a car accident

Driving on crowded roads and interstates can make one feel uneasy, especially if other drivers are acting recklessly. What Maryland drivers might not expect is to face an even greater risk for a car accident when roads are closer to empty. However, when fewer people were on the road during early 2020, the rate of collisions increased.

Americans drove an average of 18.6% fewer miles in March 2020 than they did in March 2019. Despite this, the National Safety Council compared the two months and reported that per mile driven, the rate of fatal accidents went up 14%. The problem seems to be the open roads themselves. Drivers tend to speed more and take riskier moves when there are fewer cars around, and these behaviors frequently contribute to deadly crashes.

Tractor-trailer accidents in particular have significantly increased, especially in Maryland. One Emergency Medical Services — EMS — squad reported that recent tractor-trailer accidents in the area have been far worse than just scraping guardrails or spinning out. These large trucks are crashing into ramp walls more frequently, which knocks debris onto the road and endangers other drivers. Accidents involving two or more tractor-trailers can be especially damaging and can trap passenger vehicle drivers, seriously injuring or even killing them.

No matter how safely one might drive, there is no avoiding reckless or negligent drivers. Suffering an injury because of another person’s recklessness often causes more than just pain and suffering, too. Victims frequently face skyrocketing medical bills and emotional trauma related to their accidents and injuries. Many are surprised that surviving a car accident is completely life-altering, but successfully pursuing a personal injury claim is usually helpful for addressing these and other damages.

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