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The Gates divorce brings attention to gray divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to end their marriage. Their divorce has made headlines, primarily because of their massive wealth. However, it is also big news because it is bringing attention to gray divorce, which has been on the rise in Maryland and across the country for the last several decades.  

What is gray divorce? 

It simply refers to couples aged 50 or above dissolving their marriages. Many of these couples have been married for a long time; theyve raised children together. Theyve stuck out the good and bad, but moving into their later years, theyve decided remaining married to their current partner is not what they want. 

Why do they stay together so long? 

Experts believe there are several reasons couples stay together for so long, even if they are unhappy. Many couples stay together for their children, financial reasons or because they are comfortable and enjoy the familiarity of their partner. At the end of the day, there is no right time to divorce. When a couple does decide to split up, they don’t have to explain their reasons or timing to anyone. It just has to make sense to them. 

Getting through the divorce process 

A gray divorce is no more difficult to get through than if a couple were to divorce at a younger age. In Maryland, the property still needs to be divided, debts paid, financial support  if desired  figured out. An experienced family law attorney can help those going through a gray divorce achieve settlement terms that are fair, balanced and help them meet their needs as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.  

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