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Yes, you can seek an adjustment of a child custody order

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Child Custody

When you went through the divorce process a while ago, part of your agreement included a child custody order. As written, it has been working for you, for the most part, but it could be better. The good news is, under the right circumstances, Maryland parents can seek an order adjustment.  

When is it appropriate to seek an order modification? 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what is best for the child. If your current custody order is not serving your child as well as it could be, you have the right to request it be changed. A few reasons the courts will consider an order adjustment include: 

  • Parental need to relocate 
  • Change in childs needs 
  • Childs wishes 
  • Concerns over childs safety 
  • Parents situation has changed 

No matter your reason, you need to be prepared to explain to the court why you feel the adjustment is warranted. Of course, going to court to achieve a custody modification may not be necessary. You may be able to work things out in private with your ex. Everyones situation is different.  

Get help getting the child custody order you feel is best 

Achieving a custody order you feel is best for your child can be a bit of a challenge, especially if your ex doesnt share your thoughts on the matter. Legal counsel can help you negotiate new terms, file the appropriate paperwork and, if necessary, help you present your case in a Maryland court. With the right help in your corner, you may achieve the custody order adjustment that you believe will best benefit your family.  

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